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Best Sprint Phones For 2020

According to the latest update, Sprint is turning into the new T-mobile, which is a mega carrier that will continue to grow and have many T-mobile networks. This does not mean you should bail out on Sprint as there are affordable Sprint Service Plan which can help you transition and renew the contract and work on a newer style of the network. The most important new technology introduced is 4G which has a lot of capacity. If you have the right phone, it can make it easier for you.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series

This is Samsung’s latest model which offers some of the best sporting display at 6.9 inches and 16GB Ram with a triple camera setup at the back along with the ToF sensor. The phone is powered with Snapdragon 865 Chipset.  The jailbreaking works well on the plus model, and it offers 4000mAh battery, and lack of ToF sensor can make it work well for you.

iPhone  11 series

They are the largest flagship iOS-based handset from apple which has the best processor with A1 Bionic. The standard iPhone is the most affordable and can easily last more with the right effects. The iPhone 11 pro’s biggest feature is the triple rear camera setup which has a standard, telephoto and wide-angle lens. With a 5.8 inch display, it is can easily last for up to 4 hours longer. You can also unlock iphone 7 plus sprint and gain access to some of the best features which can help you thrive.

LG G8X Thinq

The LG GUX is very similar to the older LG G8 in terms of spec and design. The phone has a 6.4-inch display and can allow you to have the right finger scanner display, wireless charging and Snapdragon 855 chipset which can allow you to enjoy 4000mAh battery. LG G8X is a major upgrade which even the predecessor has made several improvements. They offer some of the most detachable second screens in the bock which can enhance your experience. But the lack of uniformity is something that can make things difficult.

One Plus 7 Pro 5G

The OnePlus 7 pro is one of the first 5G phones which was released by Sprint. It has a large 6.67 large display with no bezel. This is due to the front-facing camera on top of the phone. You will also find an 8GB Ram and 256GB of onboard storage with Qualcomm 855 processor with fast charging technology that take only an hour for the phone to charge and last a long day. The software that it boasts is Android 9 Pre which makes it easier for the people to enjoy the facilities that it provides.

How to Decorate Room with Waste Material?

Decorate Room with Waste Material

Decorating or redecorating your room can be fun and an overwhelming experience until you realize that it could cost you a fortune. However, you could revolutionize your ideas a little by creating decorative items out of waste materials. You can turn anything from old and unused clothes to the left over wooden pieces and tin cans, into a masterpiece. You need to put things together and spawn something that suits your style. If you have no idea where to begin, you can get started with the ones mentioned below:



I’m sure every household has a stock of plastic or glass bottles that are awaiting reuse.

  • Wash the bottle thoroughly to make sure there are no residues or water droplets.
  • Paint it and repeat once the paint dries, to make sure the surface is opaque.
  • Use masking tape to create patterns of your choice and paint or spray paint the rest of the surface.
  • Allow it to dry, and add your favourite flowers in them. It can act as a decorative item on your study table or can be equally up to snuff anywhere in the room.


Tin lantern

Tin lantern

This is something that draws attention and can change the aura of your room.

  • Wash an old bean or soda can thoroughly and let it dry.
  • Leave it in the freezer for some time to harden the surface.
  • Now, draw patterns on the can, and make holes along the lines.
  • Place a scented candle or fairy lights inside the can. It will create a beautiful yet elegant decorative element that can go by your bedside table or in front of your mirror.


It is a common practice to throw out old or worn-out clothes. But did you know you can put pieces together and turn it into something useful?

  • Cut your garment into equal strips.
  • For a small-sized mat, you’ll require 12 strips.
  • Divide them into groups of three and braid all the pieces together. In the end, you’ll have four braided strips.
  • Sew the ends together and arrange them in a circular pattern.
  • Hold the pieces in place and finally sew them, and voila! Your mat is ready!

Hidden wires

We often witness the clumsiness of wires hanging around the table. Be it laptop chargers, phone charges, Wi-Fi connections, it’s all over the place. It’s time that it remains organized.

  • Collect an old shoebox and repaint it according to your style and allow it to dry.
  • Make sure the junction box fits perfectly inside the shoebox.
  • Make holes to pass the wires through the box.
  • Arrange your gadgets accordingly and close the box. Now your table looks more organized and elite.


Photo frame

If you have a blank wall inside your room, then it’s like a blank canvas you can work on.

  • Collect unused wooden pieces and paint them in contrast to the colour of your wall and allow it to dry.
  • Estimate the size for your frame and cut them accordingly.
  • To put the pieces together, you can either use a nail and hammer or can use wood glue, and build them in your desired shape
  • Tie twines across the corners to hang your pictures.
  • You can also upscale it by adding decorative elements around the frame.

19 Handmade Cheap Garden Decor Ideas To Upgrade Garden

Garden Decor Ideas

Decorating a house is a dream for every family. Selecting the color of the rooms, furniture for each corner, styling, and conceptualizing every detail of the house carries a special feeling for the entire family. It is these small nuances that make a house into a home for a family. Usually, a garden is often considered as the best corner of the place of a residence. The reason is known to all. This corner of the house has the natural calming element: fresh air. Also, most of the family and friends get together are planned in this specific area only. Let it be a birthday party or an anniversary celebration or promotion party or a special dinner date, and the garden area is the perfect setup for it. So the garden area must look its best. Decorating the garden area depends on personal preference. Nowadays decorating your own spaces is the new and fun trend.


Customized doormats –

Prepare a doormat with a heartfelt welcome message to bring smiles on individual faces instinctively.

Paint some rocks –

Who doesn’t like to see color around them? Paint some rocks in the garden and turn them into fruits and vegetables.

Wine bottle torch –

Wine bottle torch

Cheap and the best way to decorate is by recycling things. Recycle the wine bottles and transform them into a decorative torch.

Stone bench –

One or two long stone bench for the casual garden area can turn your garden area into a comfortable chatting space.

Personalized Writeups –

Prepare some personalized writeup posters which depict a person or family’s morals or inspirations.

Stepping Stones –

Constructing creative stepping stones throughout the garden is yet another way to decorate the garden creatively.

Rock bucket painter –

Get a rock bucket painter and paint the follower buckets in the garden. This gives the garden a classy and sophisticated look.

Succulent plant container –

Succulent plant container

Creating succulent planters is quite interesting as well as looks beautiful. Learn the art and don’t waste a sec to make one for your garden.

Dark pebble stone –

Dark pebble stones can brighten up your garden when the sun does down. It can make the garden look magnificent.

Home-made wind chime –

Try this out. Make a home-made wind chime with your family and hang it near the garden area.

Stone tags –

How cool would it be to name your plants? Paint the rocks with plant names and place them near it.

Hanging lights –

Use the new solar lights available for garden area lighting. There is some pretty and cute hanging light option that can change the decor of the garden.

Stone dining table –

What can be more stylish than setting up a stone dining table? Get a customized set for your garden.

Stone cactus pot –

Paint stones with color and place them in a plant pot and place them next to the real plants. Let the guest guess which one is a fake plant.

Garden Arbor –

Garden Arbor

Get a grand garden arbor and give your guest a royal entry to your garden.

Terracotta pots –

Decorate your terracotta pots with jute ropes and give a designer look to it.

Stone birdhouse –

Set up a stone birdhouse with food and water facilities in it.

Water pot –

It is always good to provide water to the animals. Set up a water pot for birds and animals in the garden.

Games –

Build some games with stones for fun family time in the garden.